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Why HOA Might NOT Be For Me

You might be asking yourself why wouldn’t I want a Homeowner’s Association? I like everything to look nice and I don’t want someone to paint their house bright orange…

If you are keen on all the houses looking similar and you don’t want anyone to deviate from the pre-approved color palette, then an HOA is a good fit. 

But what happens when you decide you don’t want a cookie-cutter home in a cookie-cutter community? You’d like to display your American flag or plant your own flowers. You want to park the boat in your yard and not at a storage facility. You’re frustrated with the endless Board rules and arguing over proposed new rules. This isn’t how you thought it would be. You want the lifestyle, but not the hassles.

Boca Raton only has a few NO HOA areas. Some are less than stellar and others are absolutely amazing. Residents in the amazing NO HOA areas don’t tell anyone how great their neighborhoods are because they don’t want the secret to get out!

This site is dedicated to those neighborhoods, and even more outside of Boca Raton also. Check out the Top 10 Reasons people choose NO HOA neighborhoods.


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